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Information Technology:​

  • Maintain computer infrastructures.

  • Assist new users with computers and software issues.

  • Perform software updates.

  • Renew licenses and other legal documents.

  • Monitor ongoing contracts with suppliers.

  • Ensure compliance with quality standards.

  • Cybersecurity.

  • Oversee data storage.

  • Install new software or hardware.

  • Research and procure IT hardware and supplies.

  • Participate in IT inventory asset management.

  • Assist in backup and recovery of digital assets.

  • Troubleshoot network issues.

  • Create work logs.

  • Process documentation.

  • Configure phone systems.

  • Serve as an escalation resource.

  • Install video and audio conferencing.

  • Install and configure new printers, copiers and other equipment.

  • Provide and install cloud-based applications/services.

  • Repair hardware.

  • Code in languages like Linux, Java, JavaScript, C++,, C#, SQL, HTML and PHP

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